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I just wanted to make everyone on here aware that there is a commercial greenhouse near me with national shipping capacity for those further away providing reasonably priced quality certified organic transplants.  I've started outsourcing some of our greenhouse production due to space and quality issues in my own greenhouse and can vouch for the quality of this operation. 

And they're so easy and nice to deal with. They went through the trouble of getting some organic production growing and hiring a manager for that production and could use a little more volume to pay for her, which is why I'm letting everyone know about them.  They do custom work so you need to order ahead.

I know this sounds like an advertisement, and I guess it sort of is, but I find them a super valuable resource willing to meet our needs (they're experimenting with grafting now), and I'd like to see this endeavor worth their while so they stick around for those of us outsourcing.

Shiloh Avery
Tumbling Shoals Farm
Wilkes County, NC

photos by Chelsea Lane Photography

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