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Certified Organic Grafted Tomato Plants

Increased Rooting / Increased Disease Resistance / Better Yields

Grafted tomatoes are essentially two plants spliced together. Heirloom tomato plants are known to have exceptional flavor but are prone to fungal, bacterial, and disease issues.   By grafting heirloom tomato varieties onto vigorous rootstock, grafted tomatoes can out-produce and out-compete heirloom plants, without sacrificing flavor.  We graft both heirloom and hybrid tomato plants.

Highly Resistant Rootstock – We now offer 4 Rootstock Options!

We graft using Survivor, Armada, Truster (TD2), and Booster (TD1) Rootstock. Check out this USDA Description of Rootstocks, which shows a comparison of commercial tomato rootstocks and their resistance to common tomato diseases and pests.

Ordering Grafted Tomato Plants

Grafted Tomato Plants are available only in 72 count trays. If you are interested in grafting a different variety than one you see here, please contact our office and request a quote.

Expanded Graft Mixed Trays Options

Graft Mixed Trays are available late-March to mid-May.