Giant Marigold

Companion, Cut and Edible Flowers
We produce certified organic and conventional companion, cut, and edible flower plugs.  Flowering and herbal companion plants are intended to be inter-planted with your field crops. Companion plants can function to attract pollinators and beneficial predatory insects as a method of integrated pest management. You can potentially reduce the need for pesticides while increasing biodiversity in your field.  Be sure to consider companion plants when building your order for vegetables.

Lead time is 10 weeks with the exception of Lisianthus which has a 16 week lead time.

Plugs are available in 288, 128, and 72 count trays (not all sizes available for all varieties).

PLEASE NOTE: Not all varieties are offered organically.  Varieties titled “non-organic” are grown conventionally.  All other varieties are grown organically. Shipping restrictions may apply for orders containing both organic and non-organic items.