Sustainability Initiatives

As a second generation family owned company, we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously.

Pollinator Garden
Banner Greenhouses recently introduced a pollinator garden to our headquarters in Nebo, North Carolina. The garden was installed in 2016 using a mix of blooming herbs and annuals we grew on site and perennials we sourced from our neighbors at Painters Greenhouse. 

Plants were chosen to attract native pollinator species and selected to keep pollen and nectar available throughout the year. Plant species include Mountain Mint, Echinacea, Milkweed, Butterfly Weed, Butterfly Bush, and more. 

We are registered on the Million Pollinator Challenge Garden map. You can find us on the map by clicking the link below and searching for "Banner Greenhouses"


Plastics: When possible, we sanitize and reuse plastic pots and trays, otherwise, unneeded plastic containers and tags are recycled. To date, over 40 tons of plastics have been recycled. We will soon begin to flow plastic packaging materials and greenhouse film for recycling. Water bottles and chemical containers are also recycled.

Wood Pallets: After our use, a local company re-furbishes and re-uses. Pallets that are not repairable are ground for mulch.

Soil and plant: Unsalable waste materials like spent peat moss and plant residues are composted on site. The compost is then made available for employee and neighbors’ gardening use.

Miscellaneous materials: Waste metal products and office waste paper are recycled. The combined results for our recycling efforts have been a 25% reduction in the amount of waste flowing to landfills.

Energy Management
We have replaced and installed increased efficiency heaters, new energy curtains and computer climate controls. Precise use of shade and ventilation, reduces the need to run fans and heaters, making us able to reduce the volume of our energy use by 9.4% during the Fall/Winter heating season.

Pesticide Reduction
Our friends at Koppert Biological Systems have guided us towards an increased use of Biological methods, such as releasing beneficial insects, microbes and soil nematodes. These beneficials have helped us realize an approximate 70% reduction in the volume of conventional pesticides applied during the production of our plants. Additionally, this program has shifted towards an increased use of organic products in our conventional crops, reducing our impact on the environment. 

Learn more about Koppert Biological Systems here:

MPS Certified

Banner Greenhouses are proud to be certified by the industry-leading MPS Group, who recognize the quality of our products, the innovation of our procedures, and our dedication to sustainability.

MPS is an independent sustainability certifying agency that analyzes and rates our environmental impact based on our resource usage.  The agency considers our use of water, energy, chemicals, biological integrated pest management, recycling systems, and organic methods when rating our company. 
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